The village went all Downton Abbey like last weekend. Can’t think why 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Bizarrely we watched Downton the other night. Hawklad is rather taken by the whole thing. It’s fictionally set somewhere round here but filmed mostly outside of Yorkshire. Just like the cool start to an American Werewolf in London, that spooky Yorkshire Pub and foggy Moor was randomly filmed in Wales – clearly real Yorkshire is even TOO scary for a Horror Movie. The Earl, his family and servants keep visiting places right around us. It is most unsettling when they look nothing like the real place. They went riding just a few miles from us and I had a thought, I hope I remembered to pick up the mad dog’s morning constitutional poo. Would hate for the good noble family horse shoes to step in that.

It’s been one of those few days. Actually it’s been one of those few weeks. Not enough sleep, school issues, work issues, life issues, just ISSUES. Never stopping, running around in ever decreasing circles and actually achieving absolutely nothing. Where do those 24 hours go…..

So I walked through the village looking at the bunting while thinking, odds on that our mad dog will at some stage try to pull all that lot down and then bury it in our front lawn. Out of nowhere a villager stuck his head out of the village hall and shouted, “When are you bringing the cucumbers for the sandwiches”. This villager could have well been a head butler in a past life. A head butler with remarkably bad eyesight as his next words demonstrated. “Oh I’m sorry, you are not Margaret…”. Never been mistaken for a Margaret before. Never even mistaken for a woman. Even when I dressed in a full on and very well ventilated French Can Can costume and ended up walking through a town centre searching for the Uni Party, I was DEFINITELY NOT ladylike MOST DEFINITELY not mistaken for a woman.

63 thoughts on “Downton

  1. I just watched the new Downton Abbey movie today. Very enjoyable..What a beautiful place you live in, but you have demonstrated that before with your photography.


  2. Several work events, so I did my duty to participate and then as soon as the shift ended I swiftly buggered off. Lovely for those that like that sort o’ thing, not my cuppa tea, far too many people in one place for my liking.


  3. I figured you guys might be spared some of the brouhaha. Isn’t “Randy Andy” the Disgraced your Royal whatever?? Or has someone else taken over??

    I barely keep track of American Holidays, so I don’t know squat about British ones. There were a few tidbits in the news here and there about the Big Shindig.

    The only crowded places I voluntarily attend are 1) Concerts and 2) Ice Hockey games.

    You should’ve dressed the Cap’n up in a festive outfit and hat, and taken him on walkabout thru the village. I am POSITIVE he would’ve done *something* to keep people telling stories for years to come!🤣🤣🤣

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      1. You just gotta practice, you’ll catch the knack of it😉 I remember the network TV stations trying to make the puck more visible to TV audiences one year, and they had some kind of chip in the pucks that made them glow on the TV screen. Fans HATED it, and new watchers STILL couldn’t follow the puck at first😂😂😂 Thank goodness they got rid of it! It was SOOO annoying!🤪


  4. You are not achieving nothing, you are doing so much, living a very real life esp as a single parent and trying to juggle other issues… you are doing marvellous in fact to be dealing with so many aspects of life at one time… be proud of yourself and the mere fact that you are getting up every day and trying. It is not easy at all doing the adult bit solo


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