Why do my wheat photos always come out so GRAINy.

It’s BARLEY believable that I told that one. Might be the last STRAW for many.


10 weeks. Just 10 weeks before the start of the new school year. Hawklad’s last in this school with the delights of the final exams. Just 10 weeks now. Deep down, I realise it’s not enough time. Yes he has made great strides, even a concert. BUT. He’s so on edge when people get too close (within yards). He can’t touch alien surfaces. That’s outside, inside the issues are ramped up so much more. He can’t even stand in a shop for more than a few moments.

He’s a million miles from returning to the cramped classroom, sitting there for hour after hour. Probably too many miles to cover in just 10 weeks. If that’s the case then where does that leave us. Starting another school year at home with exams that he might not be able to sit. The antiquated UK school system just has no flexibility or desire to cope with that.

At least this pesky school year will be done in 4 weeks time. That’s 6 weeks of freedom from schooling. 6 weeks to be free to wander the fields. Good weeks but never enough good weeks before it all starts again.

19 thoughts on “Weeks

  1. Hawklad is more important than school. I know everyone wants to see their child educated fully, but when they refuse to help him, they are literally refusing to help anyone with domilar isdues. Do you not hsve an online parent’s group? You have a lot of readers who are parents of children labelled autistic. Form a group, as large as you can, and start making publuc noise. The bsdt way to get the government’s attention is to mske their foibles public. I’m betting BoJo cannot afford more bad press right now. So give him some, as much as you can.

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  2. Some may say that if the lad can attend a concert, he can go to school but with very little experience of the spectrum, even I can see it’s not at all the same. Great progress and encouraging but not the same. You need so much more than that wretched government is offering. It is not right!


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