Can’t see any UFO’s here.

This post was started about three months ago. Back then I had found an odd argument raging online about a Google Maps Image. One particular object on the satellite view was of much interest. It was either seen as a crashed UFO, some secretive Military Weapon or a Garden Trampoline. As it was clearly in someone’s garden then we might have the answer….

Frustratingly I didn’t save the Google Image, which kinda wrecks the point of the post. I know it’s not the same but here is another crashed UFO I have found in a garden. Why did it take Mulder and Scully so many series of the X-Files to find hard evidence of the an alien invasion when it took me 5 minutes on Google. Looks like every town and city has many of these crash sites.

Had to laugh today. One of Hawklad’s teachers has not sent him anything all year. We have made do by finding stuff on the schools online system and just hoping we are looking at the right things. Anyway, unbelievably that teacher sent Hawklad some stuff today. It was the marking scheme and answers to a mock exam that Hawklad is waiting to sit (still waiting for the questions to arrive). I always thought the questions came before the answers. School has changed since my days.

But many things puzzle me about school these days. Hawklad has had four other mock exams marked which he sat at home. The marks 85%, 75%, 66%, 65%. Clearly he takes after his mum as my exam scores often never exceeded my school age. Here’s the bit that puzzles me. School is still reluctant to move Hawklad from the bottom set, as that’s ‘the group they feel reflects his current attainment level’. Why do many schools as standard, pigeon hole pupils as low attainment purely on the basis of a term like dyslexia or autism or ADHD or ……. What happened to the idea of treating each child as an individual and seeing how high they can soar. No I don’t understand this, so I’m going back to something I understand far better. Crashed UFOs…..

23 thoughts on “UFO

      1. I fell for it as a kid. I made sure I was always one of the top 2 people in my grade, in competition with a girl named Joan. She was white, she got the scholarships to university. I was only half white. I got told I could never make it there. So I dropped out. That was what I was supposed to do. A self-fulfilling prophecy.


  1. It makes me think of them only working with checklists other than looking at the pupil. My son had two classmates in elementary school with autism in his class. Both were sent to a lower secondary school because of their problems with socializing. But their results (most of all in maths) were excellent.


  2. Brilliant photograph! If people want to see UFO’s they will always find one. Supposedly they are often seen near where I live. Not by me, so far though I am quite sure they exist.


      1. wishing you the blessings of peace, patience, and endurance as you continue to battle the education system (maybe it’s been infiltrated by aliens focused on undermining the human race).


  3. Okay, confession time: At uni I got something like 19% in one exam, but in my defence I also got 98% in another. Need I say the former one was Statistics 📐 📉 and the latter was 🍃🌳 an Environment subject. If we were all the same, who knows what messed up world we would live in.


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