It’s all gone a bit crazy. Even the sheep I encountered on the one permitted walk out of the house .. It’s a scene of peace in front of the lens. Behind the lens I am being stalked by a pack of hungry sheep waiting for a biscuit.

Dad you have done some crazy things but that one is up there”

No it wasn’t my sanest moment. I lost a challenge and my punishment was to bounce for five minutes on the trampoline. In a moment of madness I made myself a cup of tea to drink while bouncing. Yes I didn’t really think that through. Unfortunately I didn’t come to my senses until after the first bounce had deposited the said contents of the cup onto my T-shirt. Clearly the tea is not the only thing that I have lost.

Dad what on earth are you doing”

I had made a mistake on a post that I was writing for a couple of friends.

“Son where is the rubber (eraser), I’ve messed up and need to change something”

Dad your using your IPad”

Yes I know”

Tell me Dad your not going thinking about using a rubber on the screen.”

Staggeringly I was in a moment of utter craziness. I guess it’s a combination of a complete lack of sleep, trying to help with French homework and the general oddness which has descended on to us all. It really is an odd feeling. Like we are living in an episode of the X-Files merged with Monty Python and Bear Grylls.

But at least we can still smile about it. If anything the craziness helps fill the day. So let’s have one more piece of craziness.

Rory (A Guy Called Bloke) has come up with a new music challenge.

you are to create a playlist of 15 songs based upon a weekly theme.  All titles must be relevant to the theme itself – not the artists just the song titles. This week the theme is CRAZY TIMES…

So here goes (going to try and just include songs from my music collection).

  1. Crazy Train – Ozzy
  2. Psychotic Break – Jerry Cantrell
  3. Madhouse – Anthrax
  4. Stone Cold Crazy – Queen
  5. Am I Going Insane – Black Sabbath
  6. Eyes of the Insane – Slayer
  7. Inmates (Were all Crazy) – Alice Cooper
  8. Crazy – Nazareth
  9. Crazy Horses – The Osmonds yes that’s my only Osmonds song
  10. Shine on you crazy diamond – Pink Floyd
  11. Crazy – Aerosmith
  12. Moon Crazy – Blue Oyster Cult
  13. Crazy World – Scorpions
  14. You’re Crazy – Guns n Roses
  15. Psycho – Metal Church

89 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. I’m glad I included the Patsy Cline in my post, it seems to be popular.
    I like your head-banging list! I own very few CDs. The daughters picked over my stuff when they were teens and most of the rest got trashed🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve got it all stored in my Swiss Cheese brain though😉💌

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  2. Great challenge! Loving that Queen and Pink Floyd are in your collection.

    It is weird times. I drive into work today to avoid the v stressful train journey. I felt like I should have painted stripes on my cheeks, dressed in black, commando rolled out the car and stealth crawled into the building.

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      1. Finally I ran!!
        Approx 5 miles in total but had to walk/run for first 2! Felt good being out in sun and fresh air.

        Can’t put photos on your blog but maybe I’ll post one tonight and include them there!!! Thanks for encouraging me 😄 x

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  3. Ha ha l love not just the list but l was always calling it rubber and l remember people in this country looking at me funny in school as a youngster!!

    “Mr Matier – l think you’ll find the word is ‘E R A S E R = eraser – a rubber is something entirely different!” Would say especially my old teacher, the Maths dragon!

    Hey Gary – great list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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