Not sure it’s the slightly unhinged world but here the daffodils are looking extra special this year. Much needed colour. Much needed motivation to keep believing in our world.

“Come on Dad, your doing the PE lesson with me.”

So 20 minutes later we are doing a fitness workout. I do slag the school off quite a bit but sometimes it does do things well. The online PE lessons was really good. It started with a daily workout from YouTube. The Body Coach TV (PE with Joe Wicks). The person doing it was great and made the session so much fun for kids. Son warmed to him straight away. Which is no mean feat.

My second workout of the day was definitely very different from the first. Standard weights and short burn military fitness exercises at 7am. Pretending to be Spider-Man and bouncing like a bunny rabbit at 11am. The latter was way more fun. So maybe, just maybe tomorrow at 7am you might see a grown man pretending to be a rabbit. That’s my excuse if I get wheeled away in a straight jacket.

But you need balance in life. If you get good then often the not so good arrives to bring life back into order. The Food Technology online lesson was grisly. Son attempted the task which was so tough for him given the difficulties he has with handwriting, spelling and drawing. But he tried and that’s all we can ask. A bit later the response came back. One or two good efforts but some are very poor presentations. Well that’s done his confidence a world of good.

So we have balance. Motivated and demotivated. Looking forward to the next lesson and dreading the next lesson. One has 1.5 Million subscribers (plus two more from our house) and the other has a kid desperate to drop the subject.

I’m sure even this guy was motivated to move just a bit during the fitness workout.

I should really tell this guys story as well. Completely ignored him when I waffled on about his gnome buddy. His name is Gene. Can you work out why? Gene is a relative baby. He’s about 7 years old. He was a Christmas present from my brother. He was supposed to be fireplace ornament. Unfortunately my partner hated it. As did our dear departed psychotic girl cat. So he was banished to the garden to save him from the sledgehammer and the apex predator. On his bottom a sign says – Not for external use. Yet after 7 years of grizzly Yorkshire weather he is still shinny and looking like new. So he clearly likes dancing in the Yorkshire rain.

Take care my friends and try to smile.

78 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Gene’s cute 🙂 The gym workouts are fun! We had to do a Zumba youtube one. Declan really enjoyed that. He enjoyed his art homework so much that he has put it in our daily schedule apart from lessons. He assigned me “spring” pictures yesterday. I am no artist, but went for the same pop of color – daffodils 🙂 Have another great quarantine day!

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  2. I’ve beem thinking broadly the same about the daffodils. 🙂 Where you live would it be feasible to go out for a walk? I have admonishments on the radio about people stepping outside their front door but if you don’t come into contact, it would be reasonable to move and keep sane with a slightly different world view…..

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  3. Sounds like you are doing great. Been family comical trying to walk the dogs and keep a social distance in our hilly, narrow street-ed fishing town. Some funny dances of my own going on trying to peas myself against the wall and edge by with two dogs keen to be running around getting petted pulling me in all directions. It’s made a few people smile which I consider to be a public service at the moment!

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      1. No, it’s just big. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, I think – especially when you’re trying to reach the whole world. Keep your spirits up. You’re not alone.

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  4. I love Gene! It took me a second or two (okay maybe 3) to catch why he was named Gene – but I’m old and bit slow (That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it.)

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  5. I’m glad you guys are enjoying some exercise! It’s always nice to find some happiness in the required activities! It can make all the difference! I’m glad to see that the frog is enjoying its atmosphere! It’s TOADally adorable! Blessings!

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  6. I cringed at the lesson comment. I hope it was computer generated and not person generated. Either way, horrible for your son. I love Gene. I am a fan of yard decorations. The rain cleans them so I don’t have to.

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