That’s a sky that could tell several stories in my dreams – so tempted to try them out.

Somedays I can operate perfectly well in tired mode. Then you get other days.

Woke up this morning to find that I was a zombie. I hear you ask – well what is the evidence for these bold claims. Well brace yourself, I shall tell you…..

  • In my head, I was still debating if I should get up or just rollover and go back to sleep again – I didn’t realise I was actually already out of bed,
  • The eyes were open but it felt like they were closed shut,
  • When you try to open the bedroom door but only manage in walking straight into it, TWICE….
  • Take the wrong turning to the bathroom …… yes lost in my own home,
  • Struggle to understand where the toilet has gone and apparently it has been replaced with a fridge and cooker,
  • After I realised I was actually stood in the kitchen, my journey to the bathroom was cut short as I walked painfully into the kitchen table,
  • Once in the bathroom it was thankfully largely uneventful apart from dropping the bathroom paper roll (toilet roll) into the toilet bowl,
  • Time to feed the pets. Somehow gave the dog the cat’s food. Then the bemused cat got dog rations. Dread to think what the gerbils got,
  • Made breakfast completely forgetting that I’m supposed to be on a fasting diet and not eating until the afternoon,
  • Made a herbal tea but then decided to add almond milk – not a great taste.
  • Burnt my hand on the toaster making toast I wasn’t allowed to eat,
  • Went outside to give the dog his morning constitutional. Stood in the garden and suddenly realised that I hadn’t got round to putting a shirt on yet. That was bracing and not entirely liberating,
  • Stumbling back inside to get ready for my morning workout. That seemed to go ok. Well until I started working out only to discover that my shorts were inside out and on back to front.
  • Coming back inside to make Hawklad his breakfast. Completely forgetting that I had already made in an hour ago.

So yes it’s a zombie today. It’s not easy being a zombie.

67 thoughts on “Inside out

  1. I am terribly sorry but I laughed so hard at the one about being outside without a shirt on and the exercising with pants on inside out and backwards. I have gone into work with my pants on inside out (yoga pant day as my work pants had split) my sweater on inside out. Getting dressed some mornings my pants go on backwards first. You are human. We all do weird things. Or at least I do all the time. Have a great rest of your day. Hugs. 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness… how many days does my body get up and move around while my brain hides under my pillow or just refuses to switch on…🧟‍♀️☕
    It IS rough being a zombie! I’ve had loads of practice, but still haven’t gotten any better.

    That picture is stunning!!💌💌

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  3. I hear ya. I think we all have days like this from time to time, but not reported quite so humously. Haha hope it gets much better. (Would love to hear Hawklad’s interpretation of these events, sure to be entertaining.)

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  4. Oh, my! I hope the day has improved as its progressed. I know those sort of days. They are the kind I want to hop back into bed and start over….

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  5. Not quite sure why I’ve woke at silly o’clock and just now it’s 02:04 in the morning. So I’m semi zombie, as my night attire isn’t on right and I’ve put on ski socks, for who can be asked to look for slippers? However, the one time I recall being really, really zombie it was because of sleeping pills in a hospital (now trying to get my brain to remember the name). Anyways, there was these double doors. One side was open and t’other wasn’t. I actually walked into the one that wasn’t. Oh and instead of sitting on the loo, I thought I was about to, but seemed to end up on the ruddy floor! Geez!! Seriously, what was the name of that sleeping pill? I’m going to Goggle it, then if successful write it as another reply or if I don’t find it I will let my brain play with the thought until I go back to sleep or bonkers, we will see.

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    1. I’m not sure, but this sounds like the name of the pill, for I think it had an ending in “… pam” and so perhaps it was diazepam, but it was years ago and at first my mind said it might have started with an “A… “, but I’m not going to attempt to remember it any more. {{{giggle}}} I recall how hopelessly zombie I felt and acted. I remember attempt to look dignified on my return, to get back to the correct hospital bed. That took me a while, for at first I had to standing next to the double door working out which one that was. 😉

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  6. That’s alright – I have those days too. Usually when I have too much on my mind.

    Thankfully I have not stepped outside topless.

    But that’s ok, ya know… we all have off days.

    Hope you have a better day soon 🙏😘✌️

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    1. We do have those days. I remember at uni and staying in a small halls of residence with no facilities in the rooms. I was doing my usual working through the night to complete an assignment thing, so my room lights were on. About 3am I heard a very take tapping at the door and one of the girls whispering if I was awake. When I opened the door the poor girl was virtually naked. She had gone to the toilet half asleep and her door had locked. My door was the only one with a light showing. She had to borrow some of my rather too big for her clothes until I could find the caretaker. Yes we’ve all done it.

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