This is a photograph that I always keep coming back to. Especially today. It’s a photo that can take me in two different directions. Sadness or Happiness. Currently it’s in the direction of happiness.

A meal and a drink outside while gazing upon one the worlds most epic mountains, The Eiger. Then a walk from Kleine Scheidegg down to Lauterbrunnen. Snow on the tops but wonderfully warm. Walking down listening to our son talk about Dr Who and monsters. A two hour walk was just not long enough for him, he only scratched the surface of his Time Lord memory banks. Listing to my partner laugh at our sons numerous monster jokes.

Yes a beautiful day. All flooding back thanks to a treasured old photograph.

51 thoughts on “Friday memories

  1. Thanks for the reminder to look back and remember the good things. I am trying to do the same. It is bittersweet but sweet nonetheless. I recently read a little story that said that mountains were the heart of the earth bubbling and bursting forth through it’s cracks. You can see the heart of the earth and the heart of the mother for her child in what you’ve shared.

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  2. The tragedy of nostalgic times, lost forever. But not forgotten. And even if the new path your life threw you on doesn’t live up, always consider that in a few years, you’ll look back to now and smile. Smile at those memories you experienced so long ago.

    Good job, Gary! Sorry for my absence; I was going through rocky roads. Glad to be back. Stay stellar ~ “Kraken” Nowak

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  3. I am so glad that this photo is bringing happiness to you today. It’s a funny thing how the same photographs can evoke both isn’t it? I think it has a lot to do with present realities and how the day is going – hard days seem to bring out the darkness. It is a beautiful photograph .

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