Welcome to Britain. A green and pleasant land.

A country where this man has just won a massive majority. A man who continues to cover up his repeated cockups which has led to a British Citizen bring help in Iran since 2016. Now his focus is on trade deals and turning the country into a trumped up lap dog. Sadly the poor British Citizen can’t offer a trade deal so she is stuffed.

Where this man from our Government claims that he has more common sense than those who died in the Grenfell Tower Disaster. He has made millions from his hedge fund company on the back of Brexit.

Where this man has been our Schools Minister since 2014. The man responsible for the current state of our schools. The man responsible for the introduction of testing for 4 year old kids. And the man who said kids taking time of for bereavement was like an extended holiday.

And a country where this man has just been awarded a knighthood. A man who introduced sweeping and brutal benefit reforms which has led to unprecedented levels of misery and is probably responsible for the deaths of hundreds who lost benefits.

Britain a green and pleasant land.

*** the photos of these lovely human beings are from The Guardian, Inside Croydon, Yorkshire Post, Change.org

36 thoughts on “Green and pleasant land.

  1. There’s a neighbourhood appliance store who was in business for 70 years in the same location. We went there the other day about our endlessly broken Samsung fridge.

    He’s going out of business. What used to be, honest service with decent suppliers and manufacturers, focused on quality and customer service, doesn’t exist anymore. Everything and everyone is corrupt, he told us.

    He wants out.

    We get it.

    I know how frustrating it is.

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    1. And you can expect more of the same. Money is the only goal, and the more one has, the higher they rank. Money is not gained by providing quality goods or servive, but by selling high with the bare minimum of function. Once upon a time guilds demanded only the best from their members. Now they use the cheapest wage-earners useing the cheapest materials.
      We have nowhere to go but down…

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  2. There’s a song they bring out every Indepence Day called “God Bless The USA”. Our government does NOT make me proud to be an American! Its disgusting and disgraceful what is happening in your country and mine…and what they’re doing in other countries!
    I’m hoping that we’ll see change in November when we have our elections but I’m not counting on it.
    It feels like the 80s when we were waiting for Ronnie or Gorbie to nuke us to oblivion.

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