Time for some random words.

Subservient Tudor Expect Discipline Chaperone Accused Suspicious Breadwinner Complicated Stereotypical Shakespeare Elizabethan

A few beauties from this weeks school spelling test. Is this really a level playing field for kids with dyslexia. I remember joking that in a few months he will have to learn the spellings of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs like Micropachycephalosaurus. Well the way these spellings are going I’m not ruling it out now.

A bit of a test day today for me. Trying to work from home completing jobs usual done at the work base. Reassuringly it went well. So well that I managed to complete about an hour ahead of schedule. With an empty work list I managed to go for a run. A chilly and very windy run. It was also quite a ‘hurty’ one. I was convinced that my knee and foot were playing up. At the end the real reason became apparent. Thankfully not my body. The shoe soles had worn completely through. Might as well have just run in my socks. Captain Chaos was in raptures. Two old trainers and a pair of running socks to chew and bury. After a frantic hour of digging and re-digging the poor chap was tired out. He needed a few quiet moments with his teddy.

It’s such a hard life….

Maybe I don’t need to replace my running shoes. If and when homeschooling kicks off my opportunities to go out running will be severely curtailed. May need to think about looking out for a second hand treadmill. When Son caught me looking at eBay he added to the shopping list. So on top of a treadmill apparently we need a second hand cinema sized TV, a slush puppy machine and a chef. Maybe we could find a chef who specialises in funny coloured iced drinks. With that thought swirling in my head it was time to take The Cap for his walk. Luckily I do have an old pair of trainers which still have some tread. But strangely I couldn’t find them in the shoe rack. Oh hang on. Worryingly I found the sole-less running shoes next to the dog basket. So exactly which shoes did he bury then. Bugger. Yes in a hole in the garden are my one usable pair of trainers.

It’s such a hard life….

62 thoughts on “It’s such a hard life

  1. If only we lived in the same country. I gave away a treadmill when we moved, and a whole home gym. Then Saturday the 46 inch HD television. I can get most stuff discounted because of my writing. Just wishing…..

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  2. Aw I wish I could sengd you all the things you need and your son wants. That is a really sweet pic of the caotain with his teddy. I was reading the words for the spelling test, omg thats crazy. But at first i thought it would make an interesting news story as in: Complucated Stereotypicsal Eluzabethan. Or other combinations…. perhaps you could spin it into another film starring Captain Chaos. Its a good thing you have such a great sense of humour. Sounds like a very challenging day. Thank you so much for sharing. You never fail to make me smile.

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  3. I feel your pain for new shoes! This moron finally got a new pair – but it took me two weeks to realize I made the same mistake I made two years ago and bought a size too small. So I can’t do long runs in them (without the risk of losing toenails – and I just got them all back!). Hope Captain Chaos is kind and shows you where he put your shoes 🙂

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  4. I loved this post. Made my morning, really! I think you should write a book. There are so many books out there, but you have unique experiences and face them with humor. I’m sure it would sell. Then you could afford a new pair of sneakers with a thicker sole😂

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