A couple of full moon photos from last week. My poor old iPhone tries it’s best.

I remember looking up at the moon. I was lying on my back on the cold patio trying to keep still and give the camera phone a chance of trying to focus. Anyway I was looking up at the moon and thinking it was stunning. I really hoped that my partner could be seeing this as well. Maybe she was? Was she seeing it from a different angle? Was she looking up at it from one of her favourite places. Was she above the clouds?

These days I frequently look at things in a different way. For a long time after my partner died I felt bad about looking at beautiful things. Sunsets, landscapes, the Sea, our Son playing. It just wasn’t right that I could and my partner was missing out. She had been cruelly denied this chance. Her time ran out.

But slowly that feeling of guilt started to ebb.

Now when I look at beautiful things, I try to look that little bit harder. Look for just a few moments longer. Truly embrace the moment. Because now I’m looking for the BOTH of us.

Back to the moon. After a few minutes I was becoming distinctly uncomfortable. My back is not designed these days for lying on a cold, hard surfaces. Then a thought. What was I thinking about. My partner was the sensible one. She would be sat inside. Occasionally shouting “that’s very nice Dear”. She would not be outside freezing her butt off. She would be warm inside with a glass of something, watching one of her favourite movies.

That’s a view she would be happy with.

61 thoughts on “Old moon

  1. I’m sure you gave her a good laugh by looking for you both🤗 Still, it’s a very sweet thought and it’s good for YOU to stop and appreciate the beauty and goodness around you.
    We’ve finally got a clear night. I’ll be looking for the moon.💌

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      1. Too much light pollution near my house☹ I live on one of the major east/west streets of my city, a few blocks down from Main Street.
        I do remember seeing a comet when we were camping in the mountains…late 90s or early 00s
        I don’t think law enforcement would consider going to look at a meteor shower as ‘necessary’🤷🏼‍♀️ shows what they know, right?!😉😂💌

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  2. Glad you were out there lying on the cold cold ground so we got to see these shots. You are doing well with an iphone. I can’t get anything that far away in focus without a tripod..which I have 4 of for my camera but zilch for my phone.

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  3. You reminded me of when I was young (19?) and in a long distance relationship. We liked to look at the moon while we talked to feel closer.

    I enjoyed your thoughts and memories. Thank you for sharing them!

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  4. Reading that has made me a little teary, in a good way. I can actually feel how much you miss her but how you’ve managed to keep her in your lives in a really positive way. Your partner sounds like she would have had the right idea, sitting inside watching a good movie.
    Hoping you have a fun day today x

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      1. It is. One of my favourite moments was visiting my cousin in North Carolina a couple of years ago. We stayed at the beach for a few nights. She and I took a couple of chairs down onto the front late one night. We sat in the dark, in silence and watched the moon and stars. I’d love to get to do that again.

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  5. You do get amazing pics with that phone. I tried for moon shots and they weren’t nearly that good. Of course I didn’t lay on the ground and my phone has not been pre-washed.

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  6. Your iPhone did well. Mine makes the moon look like a speck.. I can picture you on your patio (hahaha) seriously though I hope your back is ok. I’m happy you can look and enjoy the beauty of such things now. I believe she would want you too. You are sometimes too hard on yourself. 😒

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  7. Its those moments when there is just so much moment that you turn around to share, and then that ache of ahhh its just me. I like your management of it. Spending that bit longer, and taking time for both of you! I did not have children when my partner died and perhaps this can make it a bit easier as there are so many parental moments to share that you cant. You blow me away with how well You are doing.

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